Six free small business resources worth knowing about

If your setting yourself up in business then what you need are free resources. Lucky the internet is here to give you more than you could possibly want, so which ones are good ones?
Here are six free sites that we’ve tried and tested…

Quick file
The free version of quick file gives you loads of functionality. It’s quick, simple and will give you great control and visibility over your finances.

An alternative to the usual survey monkey eSurveyPro free version has lots of features that will help you easily survey your customers. Run your own voice of the customer system and let your customers help you improve your business.

Change detection
Knowing when your competitors update their website with things like tariff changes is important. You don’t have time to check their site every day so key detection do it for you.
Simply enter the URL of the page or die you want to watch and if it changes you will be sent an email.

Need pictures for your website or publications, pixabsy had thousands of high quality images that you are free to use commercially. Most images don’t even require any attribution.

Trello is a great tool to keep track of all your tasks. You can have multiple users and its very easy to customise.  If you have lots of small tasks to keep a track of, Trello is the tool for you.

Free CRM
Free use for multiple users and the free version has all the basic functionality you will need.  Its a good habit to keep a detailed record of all your customers from the start so this is a great tool to use from day one.

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