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There are lots of opportunities to learn about Customer Experience across the web. Many of the opportunities are completly free of charge too.

This is our list of just some of the Learning and Development opportunities in CX, Leadership and Business. None of the websites listed are endorsed by nor are we responsible for content or validity of third party sites.

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The science of wellbeing 

Wellbeing has alot of synergies with customer experience and now, the world famous Yale University has made their most popular online course available to anyone completely free of charge. 

The course, The Science of Well-being areas has more than 1.5 million subscribers and with more than 19 million views of the course page, it looks like that number will rise substantially. 

The power of experience Management 

This free online course is brought to you by OpenSAP and put together by leading CX Professional Bruce Temkin. You will learn learn about experience management (XM) and how organisations can use this to consistently deliver the best experience. By the end of the course you will know what XM is, why it’s important, and outline the competencies required for success.
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Our own Professional Membership organisation for customer experience and service professionals or businesses. CXaccredited helps members certify their customer service knowledge and credibility, enabling them to provide better customer experiences.

Use your free membership to help your LinkedIn profile, CV & cover letters stand out from the crowd, potentially giving you the edge.

Salesforce Trailhead 

Brought to you by Salesforce, Trailhead Learn can give you popular in demand Skills which will boost your CV with the tech, skills and soft skills employers look for.

The CX Academy 

The CX Academy has several free courses including "Customer Experience 101" This course covers the basics of building a winning customer experience strategy, from planning to implementation. 

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