Voice of customer: Survey burnout

You go shopping and before you know where you are you are hit with multiple requests to complete a survey. Each one offers you something different, a free drink, entry into a draw or maybe a discount of your next purchase.

From a customers point of view you will usually fill out a survey for one of two reasons; your experience was great or your experience was poor. Regardless of which it is you expect the company to act upon your feedback and either reward a colleague or fix an issue.

Too many survey questions will start to put customers off completing them and survey burnout will kick in, lowering response rates and ultimately lessen the validity of your KPIs.

Unfortunately to often the reason the survey exists is to produce those KPIs and the detail you provide in your survey doesn’t get read. So, maybe it’s time to be thinking about asking customers for comments instead of a list of closed questions or to rate a scale.

Your KPIs can still be gathered, just not through asking direct questions but through successfully analysing the text comments and pulling out the sentiment which can then drive your important KPIs.

As comments are now the main content of the response, maybe those comments will get more airtime internally and produce more actions for your customers.

About the author
James Scutt | JamesScutt.com
James is an eminent Customer Experience XM leader and strategist with a unique value proposition spanning sales, operations, technology, culture change and the hospitality industry. A Non-executive Director and keynote speaker, James is the founder of CustomerXM.org & CXaccredited.com