Treating colleagues as customers

It’s common place for companies to be 100% focused on their customers. We’re no exception and this continues to guide us in the right direction as we make our decisions. In the last 12 months, my team went through an important set of changes to take an already high-performing team to the next level as we started to concentrate on our internal customers as much as we do external ones.

As humans, there are a number of attributes we look for, whether we recognise it or not. We want people to make time for us, we want people to treat things we find urgent as urgent, and we want to be kept up to date so that we are never left wondering.

If you take these basic needs and translate them into ways of working you can quickly create “fans of your brand”, internal supporters of your team who will work more effectively with you and make your own job easier.

We have been through an internal rebranding process, something I will go into in another blog post but it was all about looking at what our internal customers want from us, how they would want to be treated and what would make them happy.

Customers’ needs run deep into the “products” we produce, Excel reports, SharePoint sites and automation of tasks we know our users will do again and again with simple macros.

The basics are the most important, a solid grounding; answers emails within a couple of hours, call back when you say you will. Simple things, but if you critically look at how often you actually fulfil these needs for your customer, you might do it is less than you would like yourself. Bring them to the forefront of your mind by creating a culture colleagues are treated as customers, and you will soon have a growing base of fans of your team.

Teams with fans can be the catalysts for great amounts of change.

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