How to brand your team, simply

Is re-branding your team something you actually need to think about? If you are serious about raising your profile in a corporate environment, I would definitely consider it.

We have all heard of personal branding and really getting this right can take a lot of work. It’s the same for team branding but not many managers put targeted effort into it.

Ultimately, it’s all about how people perceive your team; it’s about what you do, what you say, how you say it, and how you come across in meetings. Each team member contributes to that brand, of course some more than others. That’s why team branding is extremely important, having all your team members promoting the team’s ways of working.

A simple process for understanding your team’s brand and personality can pay dividends but it is a long-term thing to tackle. Here’s the basic structure we followed:

  • Select five words that describe and define the personality of your team (there’s one, defined or not) from descriptive words such as friendly, professional, focused or fun.
  • Select your Brand Archetypes - Just Google it to find a list.
  • Define your purpose according to the selected personalities and archetypes you have chosen.
Now that you have your personality, archetypes and purpose defined, here comes the fun part, and the part that makes all of this live. You need to select a popular character or personality from any media that lives and breathes all of your selected traits. With this person defined, you can now talk about your team personality, tone of voice and ways of working as if you are that person. It makes it so much easier for team members to relate to a person than to try and live a set of values in words.

This is a simplified process but doing this kind of exercise does give your team the opportunity to really think about how they are perceived within your company. Here’s what we jotted down:
  • Archetype: Expert, Guru, Teacher, Analyst
  • Purpose: To help others
  • Strategy: To own others’ needs, To seek greater, knowledge
  • Tone of Voice: Expert, Supportive, Knowledegable, Empathetic, Thoughtful, Instructive, Playful
Going through this process with my team led us to the team personality of business woman Karen Brady, a great choice. What will you come up with?

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