Simple, free sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is so over the place now a days, often built into the background of systems to give companies a street on how you feel about them. It's a cleaver piece of technology can also come with a high cost.

But the technology behind the systems us now becoming available to the general population and can be used to understand sentiment around letters, websites and other written media.

Try taking your CV or LinkedIn bio and copying the text into the sentiment analysis tool at

This gives a completely different view of your CV. How did it fair? Did the sentiment reflect how you want readers to see you?

What could you use this for?

  • Analysis of your CV
  • Job application cover letters
  • Social profile bios and post text
  • Blog post text
  • Website text
  • Presentation preparation

Really anything that you are writing that others will read.

Let us know how it helps you in the comment box...

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