4 Simple things sometimes missed in modern Customer Experience

The Customer Experience industry is gaining it's maturity. As it does, complexity creaps in and we can lose the simplicity of the things that matter in CX.

Basic human personality traits are key across all media types

It always has, and it always will, be about basic person to person behavioural traits, even if the traits are displayed through digital media.

Being friendly, having the right knowledge, acting professionally and working efficiently will see you will being well on your way to having your customers enjoy doing business with you.

Are you smiling?

Sounds like it's too simple to need to mention it but many people don't seem to smile at customers. It's the most basic of basic things that has a big impact.

What's the last thing you should say to a customer? 

In retail it seems that high importance is placed on where to put the receipt. "Would you like the receipt in the bag?" Is often the last thing I'm asked when I buy something. Maybe that receipt should just go in the bag and the valuable last touch point should be where you say a sincere "Thank you". After all, they have just spent their hand earned money with you!

It's not always about slick, online journeys. 

Just sometimes, customers would like to interact with people. When they want to learn about a product, gain your advice or views or maybe just converse. Colleagues should recognise and adapt to customers changing needs and that doesn't always mean digital adoption.

If you got just these few things right for every customer you would be week on your way to providing great experiences every time.

About the author
James Scutt | JamesScutt.com
James is an eminent Customer Experience XM leader and strategist with a unique value proposition spanning sales, operations, technology, culture change and the hospitality industry. A Non-executive Director and keynote speaker, James is the founder of CustomerXM.org & CXaccredited.com