Are customers loyal or have they just formed habits?

A recent trip to Europe sees the Sainsbury's brand very prominent with a local supermarket brand. It is of course in the middle of a high tourist area so will be pulling the holiday making British in left right and centre. 

If you're on holiday or living in one of these areas, where do you stand with this? Are you happier to buy the local products, at a much lower price, and immerse yourself in the way the locals do things, or do you prefer to buy the products you know and are familiar with from the UK? 

Many people will shop at Sainsbury's because they like the service, so with that service aspect gone, it can only be either product or habit that is driving them to the brand right?

I've seen habit get mistaken for loyalty across many industries. Whether we believe we are loyal to brands or not, we all follow routines and in doing so, form habits, very easily. 

Customer Experience of course has an important role to play, but I believe we should always be considering if we have loyal customers, or ones that have formed habits. 

These habits could easily be broken, maybe by a competitive product that catches a customers eye, but hopefully, the great experiences you provide your customers will make them think twice about switching.

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James Scutt |
James is an eminent Customer Experience XM leader and strategist with a unique value proposition spanning sales, operations, technology, culture change and the hospitality industry. A Non-executive Director and keynote speaker, James is the founder of &