CX Programme gains international recognition

The UK Post Office has been invited by Qualtrics to showcase their Customer Experience programme at their flagship event, X4 Summit in Salt Lake City, USA, in March 2020.

James Scutt, Head of Customer Experience will present in 12th March, detailing some of the innovations his XM programme has made. 

X4 Summit is attended by over 16,000 Customer Experience professionals from across the globe, where they gather to share learnings and real examples of their breakthroughs programmes. 

X4 Summit takes place at the Salt Lake conference centre from 10th to 13th March and then tours around the world over the following months.

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James Scutt |
James is an eminent Customer Experience XM leader and strategist with a unique value proposition spanning sales, operations, technology, culture change and the hospitality industry. A Non-executive Director and keynote speaker, James is the founder of &