How to create simple NFC tags to invite customers to your voice of customer survey

NFC Tags provide a simple an innovative way to engage with customers, they are very cheap to trial and this short guide will help you put together a working, professional NFC key fob. 

The NFC part of this process will currently only work using an Android smartphone but I have included an iPhone workaround using QR codes. 

Purchase some NFC Tags
These are widely available, the type we used were called “Clear 25mm flexible PET NFC 
Stickers Tags NTAG213”. These should cost no more than a few £/$ for a strip of 10.

Purchase some blank key fobs
These are widely available, the type we used were called “50x35mm 35x24mm insert clear blank acrylic plastic photo keyrings”. This size works well with the size of the tags mentioned. 

Create a free QR Code for your URL
Some iPhones don’t allow NFC tag scanning, so to give iPhone users an option you can include a QR code. The site we used was but other sites are available.
> Select “URL” or “Link” as the type of QR code you want to create
> Enter your survey URL
> Save the QR Code image

Download an app onto an Android smartphone (This won’t currently work with iPhone)

The App we used was NFC TagWriter but other apps are available.
> Click “Write tags”
> Select “New dataset”
> Select “Link”
> Enter your survey URL into the “Custom URL” field
> Select “Save and Write” and follow the instructions to scan one of your NFC tags
NOTE: You should lock/protect your tag to that no one can alter its contents. Follow the instructions in 
the app to do this. 

Pull everything together
> Download the MS Publisher “Keyfob insert template” from this 
is formatted to fit the mentioned key fobs above
> Replace the QR code image with the one you created and print the page
> Cut the insert to size and stick your loaded NFC tag inside, behind the “TAP HERE” icon
> Fold and place the insert into your keyfob and seal it inside

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